Sell Your Dress Blues
Buy dress blues

We buy Marine Corps Dress Blues, new or used, and other Marine Corps uniform items.

Did you outgrow your blues, getting out and don't need them anymore, or ended up with an extra set? We're interested in buying them, and maybe some of your other uniforms and gear too.

We are looking for:

Marine Corps Dress Blues New or Used
Blouses and trousers - Polyester/Wool Blend / Gabardine -- not 100% wool
Serviceable - no rips, tears, burns, damage, fading or stains
Blouses with or without rank patches, prefer sizes over 41
Trousers with or without blood stripes, prefer sizes over 30
Officer or Enlisted
Brand new items with tags are worth significantly more.
Marine Corps Digital Cammies and Covers
Digital Tan or Digital Green
Serviceable - no rips, tears, cuts, burns, damage or stains, no excessive fading
Marine Corps Service Uniforms
Blouses and trousers - Polyester/Wool Blend / Gabardine (not 100% wool)
Serviceable - no rips, tears, burns, damage, fading or stains
Blouses with or without rank patches, with green belt preferred
Short Sleeve Khaki shirts, with all buttons
Green belts for service blouses
Other Stuff
We sometimes need boots, corframs, day packs, etc., new or used
If you have something not listed above, let us know.
What we do not want
We aren't looking for unserviceable items, or small miscellenanous items. No boot bands, used socks, shirt stays, tie clips, ribbons or medals, used gloves, white belts, etc. If it's brand new, let us know.
No old-style cammies (tri-color, chocolate chip, etc.)
Absolutely no tactical equipment, night vision, kevlar, weapons, electronics, etc.

How The Process Works

Use the form below to describe what you have. Especially the sizes, material, and condition. We may ask for pictures. You can also email everything to .

(Information on how to measure pants and jackets can be found here.)

Someone will evaluate the information and, based on your information, make an offer on your items. If we are interested in buying, we'll email you the address where you can send them.

Once everything is received, and the condition is verified, we will mail you a check (or pay through PayPal) for the items. If the items are not what we expected, or don't match your description, we'll update our offer, or send everything back at our expense.

If you are located in southern California we may be able to arrange someone to meet with you.

Please completely fill out the information below. Incomplete information will prevent us from correctly evaluating your items.
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